Welcome to FY15

We’re a few days from the beginning of the school year and I’m scouring every office supply store for the perfect spiral notebooks: plastic bound, plastic covered, and college ruled. In my free time, I’m making lists of places to visit around town, recipes to try, new dorm-furniture arrangements to experiment with.


It’s a new year, a natural time to draft resolutions and form new habits, so here are a few for you and me and the blog:

  1. For every person stumbling onto this blog, there’s another person who isn’t aware of its existence. Share this blog with at least one person in your section and let’s double this blog’s readership
  2. Let’s show the Region what your section is doing. Following section report submissions, I’ll solicit information from your section to write a feature for the blog monthly called “Best Practices.” Likewise, please use these posts as a resource to put on a similar program or event.
  3. Let’s talk! Connect with the Region on twitter @SWERegionC and join the conversation on Facebook by searching “SWE Region C”


On behalf of the Region C Board and the Region C Collegiate team, welcome to FY15. Articles will be published here weekly examining outreach, networking and showing you how you can get involved with the Region Leadership team. Keep an eye out for a guest post from Dianne Beever, our Region Governor, on her goals for the Region during the upcoming year.


Our SWE Webmaster: Shelley Stracener

1. What is your major, school, and profession/career?
I graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Baylor University in 2005.  Since then I’ve worked in several industries including server data storage, medical devices, and aviation.  I am currently a Senior Electrical Engineer at Heads Up Technologies (Carrollton, TX) where we design and manufacture cabin management systems and lighting for private jets. My day-to-day activities include schematic capture, PCB layout, firmware development, and design verification/validation.

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