First Wow! Innovative Challenge of FY17

Submissions for the first Wow! Innovative Challenge of FY17 are due by September 20, 2016. SWE wants to know how your section develops successful outreach events or programs for high school students. As a bonus the winning section/MAL will receive $500 and other benefits. Click on the link below for details and how to submit!


Intern Insight: Amanda Metzler

I am the new Region C Communications Editor and with summer ending I would like to post about some of the amazing internship opportunities our members have had this summer.  I will begin by sharing my internship experience and invite any of you who would like to share yours to send a write-up to and I will get you featured!

My name is Amanda Metzler and I just started my senior year as a chemical engineering student at Texas Tech University. This past summer I interned at CITGO Petroleum Corporation in Corpus Christi and I learned a lot from my first internship. I am sharing some of my experiences with you in the hopes that you can learn from them too!

2016-08-08 14.09.05-2

Events like “Intern Night” at a Corpus Christi Hooks baseball game make being an intern fun!

My work day, along with the seven other process engineering interns, started at 7 am with a safety meeting. These meetings were a daily reminder that safety should always be a priority. We covered topics ranging from the hazards of benzene to why you should stay off Pokemon GO while in the refinery. As for the rest of my day, I was left to work on my projects at my own pace, but was encouraged to seek help from engineers or anyone else in the company to complete them. That brings me to my favorite part of the internship; the people I worked with. Every engineer, operator, HR, and economics and planning employee that I interacted with was extremely pleasant, helpful, and welcoming. I have loved meeting and working with so many people. My tip to you is to make sure that when you meet a new person, memorize both their name and their position. It seems like such an obvious thing to do, but I can’t tell you how many times I only managed to remember one or the other! You never know what information you might need in the future, but knowing names and titles will help you find the right person to ask.

I have just a few more pieces of advice for you. If you are going into an industry in which you have no prior experience, I recommend doing a little reading beforehand so you are prepared. You’re not going to be an expert, but it helps to know a bit about what’s going on.  If you are going into the refining industry I would recommend reading “Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language”, or a similar book that gives an overview of the refining process. I know it helped me out a lot! Also, don’t be afraid to ask co-workers for resources; they want to help you be successful.  Another thing I would like to prepare you for is the large number of acronyms you will have to learn. This is the case at pretty much any job and the sooner you get them down, the sooner you will be able to follow along in conversations.  What I found to help me the most was keeping a list of acronyms and their meanings for easy reference. Once I did that, and referred to it about a trillion times, I finally started to get the hang of it. Please remember though, if at any time you have questions, just ask! Everyone was once starting off just like you and if they remember what it’s like at all, they will be willing to help you.

2016-06-05 13.52.44

Volunteering with CITGO was a great way to get to know coworkers while giving back.

I hope you found a few of my experiences and lessons learned helpful! If you had an outstanding or unique summer internship, I would love to hear about it and feature you in the Region C blog “Intern Insight” series! A variety of experiences would be great, so feel free to be creative. But in case you are stumped, some examples of things to include are a typical day on the job, what you have learned so far, and your favorite part of the internship. Don’t forget to include a picture too! Once I post your piece feel free to invite all of your friends to follow our blog and read your article!

I would like to give a special thanks to CITGO for putting on a great internship program!

2016-08-08 14.09.05-1

Getting to know the other interns was one of the best parts of the internship!

An Update from the FY16 Graduate Member Coordinator

Hi Region C Grad SWE!

Here’s an update from the Graduate Member Coordinator: Katharine Brumbaugh Gamble!

(1) Leadership Coaching Community looking for members

The Leadership Coaching Committee provides proactive leadership coaching to SWE organizational units, including sections, regions, and MALs.  Trained Leadership Coaches provide Society leadership with the coaching and support essential to maintaining healthy, vital, and growing section, region, and MAL organizations.  Training modules on various aspects of SWE operations, and/or necessary leadership and anagement skills for SWE success, are delivered to sections via local venues, delivered to sections and regions through the Region Conferences, and are delivered to all members of SWE at the Society Annual Conference. Leadership Coaches have prior SWE leadership experience which is essential in having the perspective needed to tackle section and region roadblocks and hurdles. Leadership Coaches can have either a professional or collegiate section focus.

There is especially a need for coaches in Regions F and G, as well as professional focused coaches in Region H.

If you are interested in being part of the Leadership Coaching Committee please contact your region lead or the FY16 LCC Chair Faith Chu at

(2) Help Engineering Transdisciplinary Outreach Project in the Arts

We are looking for some help (ushering, carpentry, hanging posters) with the new musical production. If you can’t help, but still want to see the show, by all means, admission is free!

“Mill Girls”

7:30 pm Sat, 2:00 pm Sun

April 30-May 1 + May 7-8

Ford Machine Shop

This is a new musical that is going to be performed under ETOPiA (Engineering Transdisciplinary Outreach Project in the Arts) at the end of April/ early May for 2 weekends in the Ford Machine Shop, called “Mill Girls”.  The story is about a group of young women in the 1840’s who leave home to work at the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, and end up publishing a nationally famous literary magazine in their free time, and as industrialism takes off, end up creating the worker’s movement and push for equal rights for women.  The essence of the story is about women in industry and the role that they play in changing society to what we now recognize as the modern norm.

This is a workshop production with minimal set / costumes, with actors reading from the script.  The purpose of a workshop is to get audience feedback after each performance and change the show accordingly.  The version performed the 2nd weekend will actually have different songs / script from the first weekend!

If you are interested in getting involved to help, please respond to Prof. Wei at and we would be happy to provide more details.

(3) Looking to form virtual team of female engineers and scientists to solve NASA problems

Looking for collegiate or professional women with engineering or scientific backgrounds(or studying engineering). Basically NASA is looking for civilians to volunteer in contributing to projects that they are currently trying to solve. These projects involve the earth, mars, the space station, etc. You can work individually or in teams, virtually or at a local event. I was just hoping that with the help of your organization, I can try to organize a virtual team of women engineers or scientists who are interested in volunteering in this program. I also believe that it can be a great way to network as well. The application process is online and totally free and doesn’t take long for approval. Want to get involved? Contact Courtney Sanders –

(4) Nominate a grad student or grad group for the Spotlight!

There are so many Grad SWE groups and fantastic SWE graduate members accomplishing great things! The Grad Community Spotlight is meant to highlight the groups and members who personify SWE’s motto: Aspire, Advance, Achieve. Do you have someone or a Grad group you want to see recognized (you can nominate yourself!)? Fill out a short Google Form here:

(5) Book your WE16 room now!

Now is the time to start thinking about your plans for WE16.  You can book your hotel, sign up to be notified when conference registration is live, and more at

Tulane University Outstanding Member: Bridget Daugherty


Bridget is a sophomore at Tulane University pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

As outreach chair, Bridget has energized Tulane SWE to reach out to the girls in the community through activities like “GiST” (Girls in STEM at Tulane) and other programs. She played a huge role in the revitalization of Tulane’s SWE section by helping plan every meeting and activity and helping members find a voice in SWE as members of the outreach committee.

She is a Tulane scholar and is currently assisting in ultrasound research at the Biomedical Acoustics lab at Tulane. She is also an active member of the Bridge College Ministry and tutors at a local New Orleans high school. Aside from school, she is an avid hiker and enjoys photography. Tulane SWE would like to thank Bridget for the all the time, hard work, and enthusiasm she contributes to their chapter.


Outstanding Member Spotlight: UT Austin

Dsenior-2-2elaney Domino is a freshman Chemical Engineering major at the University of Texas at Austin and is currently involved with UT SWE as our Awards and Recognition Chair, where she prepares the regional/society awards for our section and helps our members apply for additional SWE awards or scholarships. In addition she has started the initiative expose our members to Society and Region SWE by giving bi-weekly SWEekend Updates at our general meetings. Delaney is passionate and dedicated to SWE and often thinks of great ideas on how we can improve the UT SWE section. Other than being involved with SWE, Delaney also followed another one of her other passions of swimming by being the founder and president of the Longhorn Swim Club. Delaney is a fun, loving, and passionate person who always brings new and innovative ideas to the UT-SWE section!

University of North Texas Outstanding Member Spotlight: Samantha Zellner

SammySamantha (Sammy) Zellner, is an active member and officer in the Society of Women Engineers. Sammy is a junior pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering. She is currently the Event Coordinator for UNT SWE and organizes most of the events UNT SWE puts on, including but definitely not limited to, the One Busy Girl workshop series and the Brain STEM After School Program. 

Sammy got involved with UNT SWE at the Freshman Orientation Organization fair. When she attended her first SWE meeting of the semester she was hooked and became a SWE-ster! Her first year in SWE she was a member and she attended as many events as she could. Her efforts paid off because she was then elected Event Coordinator for the 2015-2016 school year.

As Event Coordinator, Sammy took the initiative to increase UNT SWE’s outreach at UNT and in the Denton Texas Community, and provide quality events for UNT SWE-sters! She has improved the One Busy Girl Workshop series, started the “Brain STEM’s” After School Program with Denton Public Library, and started the Denton High School tutoring. She’s also organized a host of other activities, including the award-winning Power Week, a 3-day recruitment event! She is also the Student Lead for the award-winning joint outreach event, Design Your World STEM Conference, with UNT and Dallas SWE in April. She also had a major contribution to UNT SWE being one of the most active collegiate sections in Region C.

Outside of SWE, is doing excellent in her studies and is a Peer Mentor and Supplemental Instructor for the school. In these positions she actively helps students with class work and runs supplemental instruction groups for classes. She is also currently working in a Friction Stir Processing research lab at UNT. She assists the graduate students with their research projects. This summer Sammy is going to Warren Michigan to work as a Vehicle Engineer Intern for General Motors.

Sammy is an integral part of what makes UNT SWE great, with a great personality, a passion and drive for what she believes, Sammy will do achieve things. Thank you for being an active member and an amazing officer, Samantha.