Intern Insight: Sarah Elliott

I’m Sarah Elliott and I just started my junior year in mechanical engineering and math at Baylor University. Over the summer I interned for Toyota in the Cincinnati area. I have to say that it was the best summer ever. I loved my job and meeting new people and being in a new city. Everyone I worked with was super helpful and did their best to get me opportunities to further my network and my experience in the field. Toyota really treats their co-ops as real employees by giving them meaningful work. I got to go on a business trip almost every week to either supplier plants or other Toyota locations. Toyota has really strong values of safety and integrity and respect; they don’t cut corners and they constantly improve every process. They also love giving back to the community; I had the opportunity to volunteer on a Toyota team that painted a house for Paint the Town where I met some awesome people. It was really satisfying working for a company that has the same values as I do personally. I worked in a department called Supplier Engineering Development and I tracked the quality of parts suppliers were sending to Toyota plants. I worked more on the business side of engineering and learned a lot about supplier relations. However, I still got some technical experience as I was able to travel to manufacturing plants several times over the summer and see first-hand the production of parts and assembly of automobiles. Before my internship I had no idea what field I wanted to pursue after college. Now I have a passion for the automotive industry; it’s dynamic and innovative. I had an awesome time at Toyota and loved being in Cincinnati.sarah

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Intern Insight: Kara Goldberg

My name is Kara Goldberg. I’m a senior Electrical Engineering student at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. This past summer, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Medtronic, the largest standalone medical technology development company. I worked as a manufacturing intern at one of Medtronic’s many branches in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities region.


This internship was an amazing opportunity. Medtronic did an excellent job of welcoming interns into the company. They provided a number of classes, labs, networking events, tours, and even parties. The learning curve at Medtronic was steep (so many acronymns!), but the end result was rewarding. I learned a great deal both about Medtronic, and real world engineering. My day to day activities would vary. Sometimes I would be on the manufacturing line or attend meetings and other times I would be doing documentation and learning about ESDA procedures. My favorite thing was the exposure I got to all the different areas of the company. I wasn’t stuck at my desk all day doing the same thing over and over again! My manager encouraged me to pursue any opportunities that sounded interesting to me. From working on projects with various other engineers, to touring other branches of the company, I was able to get a big picture look at what Medtronic is really about.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, even though it was outside of my area of expertise, provided me with one of the most entertaining and interesting summers of my life. The connections I made and the things I learned will last a lifetime!

Collin College Outstanding Member: Hailey Clowney

200-836-120_yjw9_94Samantha is a mechanical engineering student at Collin College who will be transferring to UTD in the Fall of 2017. Samantha was an active member in 2015-2016 and was elected as the Public Relations Officer for 2016-2017. She is always present at the meetings and every Collin College engaging event. She also keeps the Collin College SWE Facebook page updated. She has volunteered for the Robotics camps, Cybersecurity Conference, and was a representative for SWE at the engineering information night. Samantha also attended the Region C Conference 2017. She’s a dedicated, hard working member.

Intern Insight: Liberty Schmidt

I’m Liberty Schmidt, a senior in mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Spirit Aerosystems. I was able to be hired by this company by interviewing with them at the SWE conference in Nashville, TN. Over the summer I got to work with other engineers and design a new line of planes. I also got to take multiple tours and see how an airplane is put together, which really helped put everything I had learned in school in perspective. I loved my experience and am very grateful for SWE for making it a possibility.


Intern Insight: Brenna Sit

Brenna Sit is currently a junior at the University of Mississippi in Chemical Engineering and is also a part of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence. Brenna performed a co-op for ExxonMobil in Baytown, TX during the spring and fall of 2016 where she worked in both the Chemicals and the Refining & Supply divisions of the company.

univ miss inter


In the spring she was the intern for the Baytown Chemical Plant Olefins group, and some of her major projects included: optimizing laboratory testing to ensure quality and process control with minimization of cost, creating an environmental tool to estimate the evaporation of liquid pool spills, and redesigning a material balance inventory tool.


This past fall she was the intern for the Energy Management group, which monitors energy usage and maximizes efficiency across the Baytown Refinery, and the Coordination & Product Quality group, which coordinates inventory and manages production. Major projects include: building a heat exchanger database and locating sample points for systems to prevent contamination in the condensate system, creating a break-even value tool to determine production of residuum, optimizing crude ship logistics, and writing a program to generate modeling reports for engineers.


Brenna has always been actively involved with the engineering department. Some of her other activities include: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Committee for Academics & Professional Development, and Provost Scholar.