If you want to send more members of your section to the Annual Society Conference this November, but don’t have the financial means–your region can help you!

Region C can grant up to $100 per person to send that member to WE10, this year’s Annual SWE Conference in Orlando. To request funding, contact the RCRs (regionc.rcr@gmail.com) before October 7th with the following information:


  1. Be in good standing
  2. Have submitted the first quarterly report that was due on September 17th
  3. Supply a detailed list of companies and contacts already asked for funding (to verify effort), along with 1-2 letters sent to companiesspan>
  4. All members going to conference with your section are PAID members of SWE
  5. Attend the Region Business Meeting on Thursday at Annual conference (MUST sign in; failure to do so will result in the Executive Board requiring your section to repay the money in full)
  6. Submit an accounting of how the money was spent (receipts) within 2 weeks after conference
  7. Requests must be received by the RCRs ONLY by midnight CST October 7, 2010

Once confirming that you’re in good standing, the RCRs will forward your request to the governor. The Region Executive Team will then determine who has been granted funds, and notify all presidents by October 14th. If awarded funding, checks will be sent out on October 19th. Within two weeks of the conference (by November 21st), the RCRs must recieved a scanned PDF copy of the receipt(s) for each funded person (including, for example, airfare, hotel, and/or registration).

The RCRs have received very few applications so far, so if your section needs WE10 funding, apply now! If you have any questions, contact your RCRs (Meagan and Casey) at regionc.rcr@gmail.com.