Marissa Miller, a senior executive at Google, is one of the most powerful and accomplished women on silicon valley. In the article from HuffingtonPost’s Women in Touch, a series from HuffPostTech, that showcases profiles on innovative female pioneers, Miller discusses the reason why there aren’t more girl geeks: girls are presented with a very rigid conventional definition of being a nerd. She states, “that growing up, girls are offered a narrow stereotype of what it means to be a “geek” — something akin to the bespectacled loner who spends hours typing away at a screen.” Moreover, she urges more women to enter into the technology field to provide a variety of role models for girls, and to further promote it as a realistic career for women. In encouraging women to pursue a career in the technological field, Miller acknowledges that women and men differ in how they see their careers influence daily lives.”Women, to some extent more than men, really want to see the application of what they do in people’s everyday lives,” she explained. “For a lot of women, they didn’t see how computer science touches people.”

I believe Marissa Miller’s statements can easily be applied to how we approach our region’s outreach events, especially the idea that women want to see how engineering careers can change the world (I think we can all speak to how true that really is). In your future outreach events, make sure to encourage girls to look into all sorts of engineering career possibilities, as they all can applied in ways that can shape our world for the better.

For more on Marissa Miller’s article for the Huffington Post, click on the following link.

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