I came across an interesting article for anyone looking for engineering internships or jobs in the near future (for us college kids, that would be all of us, right?). Obama’s job council has recently gotten more than 40 companies to agree to provide double the amount of the internships to college students. This was done in an effort to help universities better train engineering students to be better prepared for future jobs and to help with abysmal engineering retention rates (about 40% of engineering majors eventually drop out). All total, that’s about 6,300 more internship availabilities.

     This push is happening in an effort to graduate 10,000 more American engineers each year, and to remain more competitive as a nation in the global market; in many instances, American companies are outsourcing to other nations for qualified engineers. In terms of getting people interested in science, it doesn’t help that engineering has a nerdy stigma. Students need to see that engineers are innovative, creative, and help to solve major problems. The article states “Improving math and science education, even for young children in elementary school, can ensure that students aren’t turned off from math and are ready to tackle challenging engineering courses when they reach college.”

For more information about this article, check out the following link.

     And now on a different note,  if you need a little motivation, or just want to see the cutest kid ever, look no further than this video. 🙂


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