Hi Ladies,

The deadline for applying for Regional Positions (RCR, RCCE, and Senator) has been extended until February 22nd! So if anyone is still interested in applying for any of the positions, make sure to take advantage of this extra time. For more information about regional positions, and the responsibilities of each job, check out the About tab above, or the previous post about regional positions. Here are some of the many benefits of being on the Region Collegiate Team:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to travel to somewhere fun during summer (all expenses paid!) and receive leadership training at the Collegiate Leadership Forum. Next year they’ll be going to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Become a better public speaker by giving several presentations (at conferences, for example)
  • Learn about SWE’s mission and apply it to help struggling sections across the Region. You’ll learn to deal with difficult situations and help solve conflict.
  • You’ll get to attend Annual and Regional Conference
  • You get to learn more about SWE on a National level and how it functions, beyond what you might see on the Sectional level
  • Looks awesome on a resume!

I personally have loved holding a Regional position as RCCE, and I have gotten so much out of the experience! I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about what SWE has to offer to consider applying. Below are just a few of the great moments I’ve had as an officer:

The FY12 Region Collegiate Team traveled to Austin, Texas for CLF in August, 2011. It’s been really great getting to work with these ladies over the past year!
Part of the RCT at the “Bean” while exploring Chicago during Annual Conference in October, 2011. Chicago was an amazing city! Don’t even get me started on deep dish pizza..
If you are interested in running for a position and have any questions, feel free to contact me at cdriegler@gmail.com or our lovely RCRs, Olivia LeBlanc and Elise Edwards, at regionc.rcr@gmail.com.