Hi Ladies!

Voting for the 2013 Regional Conference Bids is now open! You’ll have 2 weeks to decide and cast your vote – by noon Monday March 5th – We’ll announce the winner on the Region Council call Monday night!


Note – All Sections must be in good standing and all Voters must be paid SWE members

  •  One vote per each Section President (both Professional and Collegiate Sections)
  • One vote per Section & MAL Representative (excludes Alternates but your input is needed by your Rep)
  • One vote per Region Officer – includes = Lt. Gov, Treasurer, Secretary, Collegiate Senator, RCR’s (excludes Governor, Senators, and RCCE)

(The Governor does not cast a vote unless there is a tie)

Alternates, CLCC, Committee Chairs, Senators etc. – even though you can’t vote, your input is needed – please let your Representative now what you think! Same goes for general members, let your section president know which bid you prefer.

Below are the bids. Check them out, and keep an eye out for the Survey Monkey link that will be sent out for voting.

SMU Region C 2013 Conference Bid

UTA Region C 2013 Conference Bid

UTEP Region C 2013 Conference Bid

Thanks Ladies!