My name is Kaycee Morganto and I will be the RCCE for this region this school year! I am super excited to get going on posting about the monthly topics and other interesting technology and engineering news that I may come across!

Soon I will be updating the Region Leadership page with current pictures and bios of our new leaders, so keep a look out!
Until then, however, I’ll go ahead and post all of our contact information so that it is easier to get into contact with the leader you need!

Olivia LeBlanc, Region Collegiate Senator: regionc.rcs@gmail.com

Nikhita Garg, Mayra Magana, Region Collegiate Representatives: regionc.rcr@gmail.com

Kaycee Morganto, Region Collegiate Communications Editor: kaycee.morganto@gmail.com

These contacts should hold you over until I get a chance to update bios, contact info, and take down other old info that needs to be updated! In the meantime don’t hesitate to let me know of any suggestions for what to put on this site, or anything else you can think of! I’m new at this, so I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Hope everyone is doing great with the process of returning to school, and keep on the lookout for more updates and September’s Hot Topic post!