Hello all!

So as you are aware, this week is Thanksgiving! As you are all gearing up for the impending turkey coma, don’t forget that this is a time when you can not only get the rest you need to finish the semester strong, but also an opportunity to catch up/get ahead on those things that you have had to put aside!

Here are some tips on ways to have a break that is both productive, as well as enjoyable!

  1. Sleep in (the night time)

If you’re the type who needs to make up for those trade-offs between all-nighters and hibernation, this is a time when you can give your alarm clock a little break, and let your body work its way into a more comfortable sleeping pattern. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, and wake up when you naturally wake up! Don’t sleep until 3 or 4, because that definitely not only decreases the productivity of your break, but the fun time that you get to spend with family and friends. Sleep as much as you need to at an appropriate time and you will be rested to tackle the turkey plate with optimal efficiency.


  1. Have Timely Fun

Nobody wants to spend their entire break studying ahead for finals and doing homework. Before you go on break, be realistic about the amount of work that you will actually be comfortable doing without feeling like a hermit while all your family and old friends catch up and have fun. Pick the assignments that are faster and easier to complete, and reserve time to study for the hardcore stuff. That way you can have allotted time to hang out with friends without the guilt of “you should be studying” hanging over your head. A good amount of fun with old friends will make you enjoy your break more than being overly prepared for a test! Personally, I know that those times that I’ve spent with friends instead of studying on breaks were worth the post break push.


  1. See your Family!

Though your best friends of all time are coming in from all walks of life since you left high school, your family should always come first! Go shopping with your mom, watch football (even if you don’t like it) with your dad or grandpa, and go to family dinners even if they cut into friend time. Your family will always be there no matter what, and making great holiday family memories is the best way to cement those already very strong relationships. Also, after you spend time playing with your siblings for instance, they’re more likely to not tempt you with a Halo 4 tournament during your study time.


  1. Exercise

We all know that when life gets hectic sometimes the first thing to go is the gym. And why wouldn’t it? You get stinky, and you’re exhausted after!wards! But light to moderate exercise can help to replenish the endorphins in your body and keep you happy all throughout the day. Good blood flow can reduce headaches, boost your immune system, and put that flush in your cheeks that is so characteristic of the colder seasons!  Even if it’s just a walk after dinner with your brother or mother, getting the blood flowing a little bit can be more than just exercise, it can be a bonding experience!





I hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday, and keeps chugging through the year! Remember the important stuff!Image

Your RCCE,