Maintaining your SWE Momentum- December Hot Topic

Hello everyone!

So sorry this is coming out a bit late, I have been crazy busy with family events and being home from school for the first time from ages, as I’m sure you all have been as well! Welcome back to your respective homes, and I hope you all did amazingly well on finals!

But, as we enter this very exciting and distracting time of year,  this month’s hot topic will help you and provide some tips of how to stay involved in SWE even over the break, and ways to get a quick start-up once you return in January!

  1. Send interesting articles to your RCCE!

I know many of you may come across interesting articles regarding engineering, technology, or even women in the workplace, but please just take thirty seconds to send the link to me! ( or post the link on the Region C facebook page! I’m always looking for interesting things to post but it would be a great way to make our blog more interesting to have numerous people get involved with this as well!

  1. Register for Regional Conference!

As the early registration deadline approaches, make sure you sign up for the regional conference! It is a great opportunity to find internships for summer, or even full time positions if you’re graduating! Come prepared with your 30 second elevator speech as well as plentiful copies of your resume so that you can hand out with ease proof of how awesome and hirable you are! Aside from the phenomenal career fair, you’ll get to meet other SWE members, get pumped about the organization with sessions that enrich your professional life, and practice those oh-so-important chit-chat skills!

  1. Join the SWE Facebook, and Linkedin page

As most of you already know we have a Facebook page which is definitely a place where you can not only get updates from calls from RCRs as well as updates from me, you can also post! On top of this tool, the Dallas chapter of SWE has created a Linkedin group which if applicable, you should all apply to! If your area doesn’t have a specific page, start one! Or you could even see about contacting someone who will!

  1. Don’t wait to start planning for Spring!

Though the break seems long and wonderful, it’s shorter than you think! Make sure you’re keeping up to date with all the things you need to schedule for the next semester as well as brainstorming different events you want to have! It’s never to early to reserve those rooms or search for sponsors, and everyone knows it’s more impressive if you take the bull by the horns early!

  1. Attend your general meetings!

I know this is a given for most, but if you come back from break and skip the first few meetings, odds are you’ll lose interest and never return! To make sure you stay involved, attend these meetings, socialize with the other girls, and keep informed as to what is happening in your section! SWE is dependent on its members!


Well I hope you are all having a wonderful break so far (and are kicking those finals butts if you’re not yet done) and have enjoyed this hot topic! Happy Holidays, and cherish the time that you have with family and friends!


Your RCCE,