Hey everyone!

So sorry for the late hot topic, the flu is nasty this year!

Anywho, the topic for this month is “Sell yourself in 30 seconds” so I’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you to get through our career fair as well as land an internship for this summer/fall if you so desire!!

                Before the Conference:

–          Check the resources at your school

Be it a career center, internship listings, or advisers that can help read through your resume, utilize these services! That’s what they’re there for!

–          Inform your professors

Professors have more connections with the professional internship-seeking world than we may realize! Keep them updated on the fact that you’re looking for an internship and maybe your name will come to mind the next time they chat with a recruiter-friend!

–          Do Community Service

I know this may be more difficult for those of us in more technical fields, but volunteering can not only bulk up your resume and look good, it can also give you an opportunity to run into a future essential networking connection!

–          Get business cards!

There’s no easier way to get someone to remember your name and contact information than giving it to them in writing!

–          Highlight your accomplishments!

If you have worked while in school and put some of that money toward your education, put that in your cover letter when you apply for internships! Companies love to see hard-working go-getters that make their own way

–          Mock interviews!

Whether you do it for a career center at your school or just for a friend, mock interviews are invaluable! Another great tip is to videotape them and watch it back, noticing those little nervous ticks you may have or words  you repeat too often!

–          Update your Linkedin and Facebook profiles!

These networking sites are there to connect with people! So present yourself in the most impressive way possible! Keep your Linkedin profile updated with all your recent activities and accomplishments and make sure to keep your facebook clean, professional, as well as updated with your work information to brag that much more!


During the Conference:

–          Meet the speakers!

Approach the speaker after workshops or speeches so that you can not only make a new networking contact, but discuss with someone in a field that you’re interested in various aspects of it or search for possible opportunities

–          Research the companies you’re interested in at the Career fair

Look up the companies that are going to be there, and research them online. If they take interns, are they positions that you would be interested in? If so, apply ahead of time and print out a specialized resume to hand them!

–          Look your best!

Your general appearance is the first impression that you make to a future employer or recruiter. Look professional, clean, and conservative in coloring and style.

–          Be confident and Positive

The purpose of a career fair is to sell yourself and your skills! If you go up to a career booth seeming skittish and unsure of  your capabilities, the people at the booth will see you that way.

–          Practice your conversation talk!

Speak clearly and don’t interrupt, don’t talk too loud or invade the speakers personal space, and stay focused on the topic of the company, jobs, and your potential place in their workforce! Thank the recruiter for their time and be polite!


After The Conference


Recruiters talk to several hundred people during a career fair, so it’s ridiculously easy for them to completely forget about you. Make sure to follow up by shooting them an email about how much you enjoyed learning about their company and be sure to attach a copy of your resume for their review… just in case J


Hope this helps!

Good luck and see you at Region Conference in Dallas!

Your RCCE,