ice cream social

UT SWE kicks off the year with an annual ice cream social

Discovering new talent for your section is only half the battle. Providing them with leadership and personal growth opportunities is vital to engaging them throughout their education and careers. Here are a few things your section can try this fiscal year:

  • Implement a mentorship program

A program that pairs people up from two different grade levels involves both new and returning members by providing new members a guide and returning members an opportunity to lead.  Add a twist by having mentor-mentee pairs complete a bingo card or rack up points in a competition against other pairs throughout the year.

  • Provide small treats

Who doesn’t love a chocolate fountain? If your club doesn’t have the budget to provide full meals at every meeting, splurge on sweet treats every now and then. Or better yet—host a baking social at an officer’s place.

  • Attain feedback

Pass around a mid-semester survey to gauge your individual section’s needs. Mix in a number of multiple-choice questions with open-ended questions to see how your section can improve.

  • Reward active members

Invite active members to an end of the year awards banquet and create individualized awards for recipients (such as “Most likely to wake up at 4am to partake in a snowball fight”).

  • Offer professional development programs

Host a panel on how the job search process looks for undergraduates, full-time, and for graduate students. Invite university representatives from the career center, former SWE members or corporate representatives to pitch in their perspectives.