Regions: 10

Region C’s one of ten regions named after the first ten letters of the alphabet and divided by geographic region. Region C spans four states: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Strategic priorities: 3

Newly adopted last year, Society SWE aims to improve its membership through the following channels

Goal 1: Professional excellence – SWE will develop women engineers at all stages of their personal and professional lives.

Goal 2: Globalization – SWE will be recognized as a global, inclusive organization, promoting diversity and inclusion and serving women engineers wherever they are.

Goal 3: Advocacy – SWE will advocate for the inclusion and success of women, present and prospective, in engineering and technology.

Members: 30,000

More than half of SWE is comprised of collegiate members across 300 collegiate sections. Professional sections number approximately 100 and make up 45% of overall membership.

Founding Year: 1950

The 1940’s saw a labor shortage in technical fields due to the draft of men for WWII. Women began pursuing engineering jobs but were still less than 1% of the workforce in 1950 when 60 women met in New Jersey to establish the Society of Women Engineers.