webinarAs we approach the start of the semester, you may want to brush up on some SWE knowledge. The Society is offering three webinars for Collegiate Leaders (at all levels), and highly encourages y’all to attend.

FY16 Knowledge of SWE: Tuesday, July 28th @ 8PM CDT – Do you know the SWE’s missions and goals? Are you aware of all the opportunities that the Society offers to you? Register.

FY16 Collegiate Officer Training: Thursday, July 30th @ 8PM CDT – If you’re a returning collegiate officer or a potential collegiate officer, this is the webinar for you. Not only does it go over the responsibilities of Region, Society, and Section officers, it’s also a refresher on all that SWE has to offer members. Register.

Personal Communication and Managing Effective Meetings: Tuesday, August 18th @ 7PM CDT-  Targeted towards Region, Society, and Section officers, this webinar goes over meeting etiquette and different forms of communication.   Register.