Hi Region C Grad SWE!

Here’s an update from the Graduate Member Coordinator: Katharine Brumbaugh Gamble!

(1) Leadership Coaching Community looking for members

The Leadership Coaching Committee provides proactive leadership coaching to SWE organizational units, including sections, regions, and MALs.  Trained Leadership Coaches provide Society leadership with the coaching and support essential to maintaining healthy, vital, and growing section, region, and MAL organizations.  Training modules on various aspects of SWE operations, and/or necessary leadership and anagement skills for SWE success, are delivered to sections via local venues, delivered to sections and regions through the Region Conferences, and are delivered to all members of SWE at the Society Annual Conference. Leadership Coaches have prior SWE leadership experience which is essential in having the perspective needed to tackle section and region roadblocks and hurdles. Leadership Coaches can have either a professional or collegiate section focus.

There is especially a need for coaches in Regions F and G, as well as professional focused coaches in Region H.

If you are interested in being part of the Leadership Coaching Committee please contact your region lead LCC_Region_X@swe.org or the FY16 LCC Chair Faith Chu at faith.swe@gmail.com

(2) Help Engineering Transdisciplinary Outreach Project in the Arts

We are looking for some help (ushering, carpentry, hanging posters) with the new musical production. If you can’t help, but still want to see the show, by all means, admission is free!

“Mill Girls”

7:30 pm Sat, 2:00 pm Sun

April 30-May 1 + May 7-8

Ford Machine Shop

This is a new musical that is going to be performed under ETOPiA (Engineering Transdisciplinary Outreach Project in the Arts) at the end of April/ early May for 2 weekends in the Ford Machine Shop, called “Mill Girls”.  The story is about a group of young women in the 1840’s who leave home to work at the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, and end up publishing a nationally famous literary magazine in their free time, and as industrialism takes off, end up creating the worker’s movement and push for equal rights for women.  The essence of the story is about women in industry and the role that they play in changing society to what we now recognize as the modern norm.

This is a workshop production with minimal set / costumes, with actors reading from the script.  The purpose of a workshop is to get audience feedback after each performance and change the show accordingly.  The version performed the 2nd weekend will actually have different songs / script from the first weekend!

If you are interested in getting involved to help, please respond to Prof. Wei at ermin.wei@northwestern.edu and we would be happy to provide more details.

(3) Looking to form virtual team of female engineers and scientists to solve NASA problems

Looking for collegiate or professional women with engineering or scientific backgrounds(or studying engineering). Basically NASA is looking for civilians to volunteer in contributing to projects that they are currently trying to solve. These projects involve the earth, mars, the space station, etc. You can work individually or in teams, virtually or at a local event. I was just hoping that with the help of your organization, I can try to organize a virtual team of women engineers or scientists who are interested in volunteering in this program. I also believe that it can be a great way to network as well. The application process is online and totally free and doesn’t take long for approval. Want to get involved? Contact Courtney Sanders –orange8601@hotmail.com

(4) Nominate a grad student or grad group for the Spotlight!

There are so many Grad SWE groups and fantastic SWE graduate members accomplishing great things! The Grad Community Spotlight is meant to highlight the groups and members who personify SWE’s motto: Aspire, Advance, Achieve. Do you have someone or a Grad group you want to see recognized (you can nominate yourself!)? Fill out a short Google Form here: http://goo.gl/51Oh1H

(5) Book your WE16 room now!

Now is the time to start thinking about your plans for WE16.  You can book your hotel, sign up to be notified when conference registration is live, and more athttp://we16.swe.org/.