This year we are electing the following positions: Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Professional Senator (1), Collegiate Senator (RCS), Region Collegiate Representatives (RCRs – 2), Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE), and the Region Nominating Committee Chair.  All offices with the exception of the Governor and Professional Senators are one year positions with service beginning 01 July 2017.

All members in good standing may suggest candidates, including themselves, in response to this call.  Confirmation does not need to be obtained before a name is suggested, although it is highly preferable that such a discussion take place before the suggestion is submitted.  Applications and biography formats will be forwarded to the nominees upon receipt of the nomination.  It is also highly recommended that you secure at least two references, as the committee will be asking them for their input. This year, the nomination periods will be broken into two parts – Society Ballot and Region Ballot positions.

Society Ballot Positions: 
The candidates for Governor, Professional Senator, RCS, RCRs, and RCCE are elected on the Society ballot and need to be identified first.  Per the by-laws, candidates for those positions must be presented to the region no later than Feb 28th. With this said, all nominations with the template (linked below) complete for the Region Positions elected via the Society Ballot are due to Region C Nominating Committee Chair Jennifer Vilbig – no later than 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 25th.  Position descriptions and requirements for Region Positions elected via the Society Ballot can be found here.  An application format example can be found here.

Region Ballot Positions:
The remaining region positions (Lt. Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Region Nominating Committee Chair) will be elected via the region ballot.  All nominations for those positions are due no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday, February 22nd.  Unless the committee lacks qualified candidates for each position, nominations will not be reopened unless the Governor specifically directs the committee to do so.  Qualifications for these positions can be found here.

Please note that with the current SWE Governance Update, the positions elected for two-years may only serve a one year term in the event that the governance update dissolves the positions. The Region Nominating Committee Chair position may be dissolved if elections are not required to fill region positions in FY19.  For more information visit the Society’s Governance Update Page

We are also issuing a call for Nominating Committee members.  If you are interested in participating, or have any questions about the nomination process, contact any of the current Region C Leadership or the Region C Nominating Committee Chair, Jennifer Vilbig: Jennifer Vilbig, PE 469-363-4951 (cell)