kamrie-dillard_swe-headshotThis past summer, I was able to work as a Reliability Engineer for Raytheon Company – an industry leader when it comes to innovation and defense systems. It was my second internship with the company, and third overall. My team was responsible for the reliability and maintenance of a targeting and radar system used on U.S. Navy jets. As a part of the reliability team, my main task was to leverage supplier data to identify and explain trends, work with technicians to repair parts, and manipulate both sources of data to improve turnaround times and the overall reliability of said parts. In addition to this challenging task, I was also responsible for assembling complex mechanical components of the targeting system to prepare for redesign tests.
This experience not only added depth to my engineering background, but it also helped me network and develop on a professional level – things that I am actually passionate about. While Raytheon is a great company for students and young engineers, I believe that Southern University, along with SWE and NSBE really made sure I was prepared to succeed in my role.