Selfie from HeliDeck.jpgValerie Tanella, now a Senior at SMU, spent the past two summers working for BP America in Houston, TX in support of their deep water drilling teams. Coming from a Mechanical Engineering background and meeting other students who are studying Petroleum Engineering, this internship had a very large learning curve. She had two main projects each summer that focused on detailed analysis of investigating different aspects of the drilling process, both with issues that had occurred and with ways to lower cost and improve the efficiency of the system. Valerie also had the privilege to spend a week at one of their offshore oil rigs to see the every day functions of the rig. It was amazing to see the direct translation from the procedures written in office to their execution offshore. It was an incredibly educational experience to be out there and she really enjoyed learning about the oil and gas industry. We are so proud of all of Valerie’s accomplishments in her internships with BP and for representing SMU well!