I’m Sarah Elliott and I just started my junior year in mechanical engineering and math at Baylor University. Over the summer I interned for Toyota in the Cincinnati area. I have to say that it was the best summer ever. I loved my job and meeting new people and being in a new city. Everyone I worked with was super helpful and did their best to get me opportunities to further my network and my experience in the field. Toyota really treats their co-ops as real employees by giving them meaningful work. I got to go on a business trip almost every week to either supplier plants or other Toyota locations. Toyota has really strong values of safety and integrity and respect; they don’t cut corners and they constantly improve every process. They also love giving back to the community; I had the opportunity to volunteer on a Toyota team that painted a house for Paint the Town where I met some awesome people. It was really satisfying working for a company that has the same values as I do personally. I worked in a department called Supplier Engineering Development and I tracked the quality of parts suppliers were sending to Toyota plants. I worked more on the business side of engineering and learned a lot about supplier relations. However, I still got some technical experience as I was able to travel to manufacturing plants several times over the summer and see first-hand the production of parts and assembly of automobiles. Before my internship I had no idea what field I wanted to pursue after college. Now I have a passion for the automotive industry; it’s dynamic and innovative. I had an awesome time at Toyota and loved being in Cincinnati.sarah