internMy name is Hannah LaVier and I am a sophomore biomedical engineering major at LeTourneau University. Throughout my spring co-op working at Cook Medical, I have had the opportunity to gain experience in the medical device industry. Through this internship, I have learned the importance of good documentation when both designing and testing devices that will eventually be available for public medical use.  I have been personally working as a part of the engineering testing laboratory and have gotten to see firsthand the high standards and strict practices that go into developing medical devices. One part of my internship that I have enjoyed is being able to work with many of the devices that Cook Medical produces, as well as being able to play a part in ensuring that these devices are safe and reliable for use in hospitals. I have been challenged to use my engineering creativity to address problems that arise while testing, and have been blessed to be a part of a department that treats me like a fellow engineer and employee.