JBU_JuliaTheisenHello! I’m Julia, and I am about to finish my senior year at John Brown University where I’m studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. Last summer (2016) I had the opportunity to intern for Black & Veatch in Kansas City, Missouri. I learned about Black & Veatch from a JBU alumni who also participated in the intern program then went on to work there full time. I really enjoyed the interview process and was thrilled to get offered a position as an intern. I had high expectations for the summer, but my experience was even better than I expected. I learned about the company’s unique history and values, was introduced to Black & Veatch’s goals and plans to obtain them, met so many other students from across the globe, and did actual work that contributed to my department – and that was all in just the first day. Over the summer I got to tour multiple power, water treatment, and wastewater treatment plants, attended “Lunch and Learns” where interns got to eat lunch with the presidents of each division, volunteered at a food bank with my fellow interns, and explored Kansas City for the first time. The highlight of my internship though, was the work I did and the people I worked with. Of Black & Veatch’s several main markets, I worked in the Water Market within the Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) group. I didn’t know much about the water business or I&C before the summer, but by August I had a deeper appreciation for water and wastewater treatment processes and the design plans I worked on everyday. I learned so much about the design and revision process, company culture, how multidisciplinary communication works, and the software my group uses regularly. I greatly appreciated that I was consistently receiving work to do and feedback on how to do better. I grew as an engineer both in technical and soft skills, and I can’t wait to join Black & Veatch full time in June!