JBU_LaurenWilsonLauren Wilson, originally from Colorado Springs, CO, is a sophomore Electrical Engineering major at John Brown University (JBU). In addition to Electrical engineering she is also pursuing an additional emphasis in Mechanical engineering and a minor in mathematics. She first joined SWE as a freshman, and fell in love with the community among the other members that it provided. She shares the other members’ passion for providing the support, resources, and networking that women need to thrive in the world of engineering. After one year as a general member, attending social and general events, she decided to run for a SWE officer position in her sophomore year, and was elected as the section’s secretary. Lauren served as the secretary for one semester before travelling for an electrical engineering internship with Daikin Applied in Plymouth, MN. Currently, Lauren is studying abroad for one semester at Handong Global University (HGU), located in the city of Pohang, in South Korea. Upon her return to John Brown University, Lauren will continue her involvement as a general member of the JBU SWE chapter. She is excited to get back to being involved with SWE, and to continue helping women thrive in the world of engineering. She is honored to be selected as an outstanding member, and looks forward to two more great years as part of the JBU collegiate SWE chapter.​