Eaton is hosting a program on Nov 1-2 titled “Young Guns” it will be held in Houston. It is designed for novice EE or electrical designers. The idea is to expose them to all kinds of electrical equipment “in the flesh” and provide some basic electrical theory education. It’s only for one afternoon and next day. Eaton will Provide lunch both days and breakfast/dinner/happy hour in between.

They will be holding the training at their renovated Houston Experience Center on the Beltway near I45. It is an extremely impressive facility and the attendees will receive some great exposure to both LV and MV gear plus protection and control.

They would like to invite a few people from your SWE to join the group (probably end up being about 80 people total with breakout sessions of 15-18 people during the training).

The attendees will be able to see some other aspects of design from their state since all of the areas in Texas will be in attendance. At this time they have hotel nearby and are holding the rooms for much cheaper rate, please RSVP as soon as possible. There is no charge for this training. For more information look at the documents below.

Contact Andrew Gusev to RS

Eaton Young Guns Houston Directions

Eaton Young Guns Houston Nov 1-2 2017