24271204_917267911756777_1771012702_oHi! My name is Upasana Prabhu and I am currently a sophomore studying electrical and computer engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. As an engineering student, I try my best to live a balanced life. While I enjoy studying mathematics and physics, I spend a considerable amount of time studying international relations, communications, and entrepreneurship. In my free time, I listen to NPR’s How I Built This and Planet Money podcasts and explore new tunes on Spotify!
As a freshman engineering student, I was stunned to find so few females pursuing an electrical engineering degree. I decided to launch my own startup company, Resistorings, to empower and educate girls about electrical engineering. As the founder and CEO, I use resistors, capacitors, and diodes to make dangling, eclectic earrings for girls. My mission is to encourage girls to resist societal engineering stereotypes and overcome the social barriers in pursuing an engineering degree.
I’ve spent most of my sophomore year, building Resistorings’ presence in the Austin community. I’ve built partnerships with The University of Texas’ SWE and WECE branches and I am currently receiving guidance from WEStart Women, an entrepreneurial thinktank for females. This semester, I had the extraordinary opportunity to organize two Resistorings workshops for We Start Women’s Conference in Anderson High School. I spent several weekends buying materials and planning outreach events for curious middle school girls in Austin!
As a female electrical engineer, I have tried my best to educate and empower girls in STEM. I’ve volunteered for and organized numerous outreach events. In November, I was invited as a panelist to educate girls about engineering at SWE’s STEMinist event at The University of Texas. While I spend a considerable amount of time managing several aspects of my company, I also spend much of my time advocating for mental health. I have created my own not for profit organization, OWLs, which writes handwritten Open When Letters for struggling students. Thus far, I have built a website and partnered with CircleUp Mentoring and Harmony Haus, to provide support to struggling young adults.
My first few semesters at The University of Texas have been rewarding! I have been provided with so many opportunities and resources that have assisted in my personal development. As a SWE active member, I have made so many friends and developed numerous connections! In the summer of 2018, I will be working for Lockheed Martin in Orlando, Florida. I am beyond excited to start my internship and finally apply much of my skills and knowledge learned in my engineering courses.