TulaneHi! My name is Hailey Day, and I am currently the secretary of the SWE Tulane chapter. I am a senior studying chemical engineering and German studies, planning to continue my studies post-grad.

This past summer I was given the opportunity to be a Lab Intern at Intana Biosciences. Intana Biosciences is a small biotechnology company located near Munich, Germany. Much of the

work is contracted research for larger biotechnology companies. During my three months working there, I was able to expand my knowledge and techniques gained while working in the Robinson lab at Tulane. A large component of their research focuses around using fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy in new ways to characterize and analyze proteins, and I was given the opportunity to use this new technique in protein analysis. Another big aspect of the internship was the ability to get a study abroad feel (which isn’t an option for chemical engineering students at Tulane) during my internship by immersing myself in the language and traveling all over in my few days off.

In my time at Tulane, I have attempted to create a community for engineering students, especially female engineering students. SWE is a great community for the female engineering students at Tulane and has provided me with many outreach opportunities to work with females at the K-12 level in encouraging curiosity and interest in STEM. I have also attempted to make another community aspect at Tulane by founding and colonizing a colony (soon to be chapter) of Theta Tau, allowing a tight community of engineering students, both male and female, who support each other in everything we do.