Best Practices


  • Host a “Welcome Picnic” for incoming freshmen
  • Upperclassmen can be assigned to a underclassman at the beginning of the year to mentor and encourage continued commitment to SWE
  • Advertise Collegiate to Career to incoming members
  • Host a textbook swap
  • Get corporate sponsors to offer free freshman membership
  • Recruit/present/partner with other student groups, such as AICHE, ASME
  • Host quarterly drawings for prizes based on meeting attendance and events
  • If students are active for a full year and meet set requirements, have the section pay for their trip to annual conference (as funds allow)


  • Encourage regular members to apply for leadership roles
  • Offer a variety of low-commitment positions for students in the first year or two
  • Award scholarships based on participation
  • Make being a member an advantage. Offer “Evenings with Industries” to members for a chance to network with companies
  • Give small monthly awards for the most active members
  • Send postcards to remind members to renew membership

Obtaining corporate support

  • Host a networking dinner before the career fair and charge for students and companies to attend. Send letters to companies to participate in such events.
  • Have restaurants agree to donate a portion of their profits from certain days to SWE, encourage members to shop at those restaurants on those days
  • Have a list of specific events that companies can choose to support so they know exactly where their money is going.
  • Get company contacts during career fairs
  • Try to reach out to alumni, and have them return to your section to speak to members at events or meetings
  • Host a seminar series with the assistance of your section’s counselor
  • Host a networking career fair, where companies buy tables, and woman engineering students come for free and network with professionals
  • Host a engineering college wide volleyball or softball tournament with corporate sponsorship
  • Send a resume CD out to companies

Other funding

  • Girl Scout Day: Have basic training to help the girls compete in an engineering geared competition, and talk to them about engineering
  • Host a bake sale
  • Host a Mr. Engineering Pageant
  • Sell t-shirts and other items at SWE conferences
  • Apply for a SWE program development grant
  • Sell food in high traffic areas on campus
  • Sell student cookbooks that have quick and easy recipes
  • Host a cook-off with another engineering organization. Include free food, games, and awards.
  • Submit a bid to host the next Regional Conference!

If you have any fabulous best practices that you would like to share with Region C, email


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