How do I become a SWE member?

Here’s the link to page to sign up.

Can Men join SWE?

Well……just kidding. Yes, men can join SWE.

Why Should I join SWE?

The Society of Women Engineers is an excellent resource and community. SWE advocates for female engineers success and provides an excellent support group. The connections and the skills you gain by being a part of this organization is extensive. SWE truly aspires, advances, and achieves women equality in the workforce.

How do I submit content and how is the blog managed?

Here’s a post to answer that question

Why is it a “section” and not a “chapter”?

There are no chapters in SWE because chapters imply that there is an ordered ranking among the different groups, like chapters in a book. SWE has sections that are all equal.

Can my section elect co-presidents?

No, sorry. Check those bylaws, but SWE only allows one president per section.

How can I become involved with SWE outside of my section?

  • Be nominated as a SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)
  • Run for RCR, RCCE, or RCS
  • Attend Regional and Annual Conferences

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