Hot Topics

Hot Topics is a collection of monthly articles to inspire discussion on selected themes. Click the links below to the read through the month’s hot topic post. Please leave a post to join the discussion!


  • August 2015: Welcome to FY16!!
  • September 2015: Career Fair Tips
  • October 2015:  WE15 Annual Society Conference
  • November 2015: How to Use Your Break Effectively
  • December 2015: Fundraising Ideas and Program Development Grants
  • January 2016: Scholarship Applications
  • February 2016: RCT Elections
  • March 2016: Society Section Awards
  • April 2016: Leadership Coaching
  • May 2016: Membership Renewal


  • August 2014: Welcome to FY15!
  • September 2014: Recruitment & Retention
  • October 2014: Society Annual Conference
  • November 2014: Applying for SWE Awards
  • December 2014: Using your break: Applying for internships, grad school and awards
  • January 2015: Region Conference, RCT Elections
  • February 2015: Outreach
  • March 2015: Networking
  • April 2015: Transitioning your section’s leadership
  • May 2015: Transitioning into professional SWE membership



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