University of Mississippi Outstanding Member: Hailey Clowney

Hailey Clowney is currently a junior at the University of Mississippi where she is perusing a degree in General Engineering with an emphasis in Business Administration, with a minor in Mathematics. Hailey is involved with a sorority on campus, while also reaching out to the community and volunteering with the ‘Kids Club’ in the city of Oxford.

miss state

When Hailey first started at Ole Miss she was on a path to become a Physical Therapist; however, she quickly realized that it was not for her. After switching her major to General Engineering, she quickly heard of the Society of Women Engineers. She previously mentioned that she instantly felt the connection to this organization and to the wonderful women it included. She strives to become a strong women in the field of engineering. SWE is a wonderful platform to not only help women grow as an individual but also to give, connect, and network with other women and Hailey realizes this and embraces it. Hailey is always eager to sign up for whichever event we are currently planning and never misses a meeting. I fully believe that Hailey will make a great officer next year, if nominated.

Intern Insight: Valerie Tanella

Selfie from HeliDeck.jpgValerie Tanella, now a Senior at SMU, spent the past two summers working for BP America in Houston, TX in support of their deep water drilling teams. Coming from a Mechanical Engineering background and meeting other students who are studying Petroleum Engineering, this internship had a very large learning curve. She had two main projects each summer that focused on detailed analysis of investigating different aspects of the drilling process, both with issues that had occurred and with ways to lower cost and improve the efficiency of the system. Valerie also had the privilege to spend a week at one of their offshore oil rigs to see the every day functions of the rig. It was amazing to see the direct translation from the procedures written in office to their execution offshore. It was an incredibly educational experience to be out there and she really enjoyed learning about the oil and gas industry. We are so proud of all of Valerie’s accomplishments in her internships with BP and for representing SMU well!

Southern Methodist University Outstanding Member: Marissa Dusek

Hunt Scholars PortraitsMarissa Dusek is from Royse City, TX where she quickly became passionate about serving others and being an engineer! She graduated Valedictorian from her high school and has completed many service hours and projects. She is now a sophomore studying mechanical engineering with a biomedical specialization from Southern Methodist University. Marissa was awarded the Hunt Leadership Scholarship at SMU for her dedication to leading and serving others. After being welcomed into SMU, she started working at the student fundraising center as a supervisor and has joined other organizations, even making the dean’s list. In the fall of her freshman year, she became involved with the Society of Women Engineers and grew to be great friends with the many members. After her freshman year as a general member, Marissa wanted to do more and decided to run for office in SMU’s chapter and was selected as the Special Events Chair. This position challenged her in many ways, but she loves how she has been able to spread awareness of the club and inform women on how they can succeed both in and out of the workplace. Her proudest accomplishment was putting on the chapter’s first ever Professional Dress Fashion Show with the help of SMU’s Fashion Club. In addition to this, she planned a holiday party and is in the process of planning SMU SWE’s biggest annual event: She Networks, She Wins! Marissa is very honored to have been nominated for Region C member spotlight, and she hopes she can keep spreading the word about how amazing it is to be a woman engineer!  We are so very proud to have Marissa on our team and she has been such a blessing to have on our team.  She is such a dedicated officer and we cannot wait to see her flourish in throughout the rest of her time at SMU!

Intern Insight: Marissa Levy

My name is Marissa Levy, and I am a Senior studying Electrical Engineering at Rice University. This past summer I worked for Google in Chicago (my home town) on a google search team.  My role was as a software engineering intern.

The experience was amazing. My internship started in New York where we went through a comprehensive orientation about everything Google. My first week in Chicago I spent ramping up on the Google technical knowledge I would need to work on my team.  I spent a week and a half after that working on a starter project, but then the rest of the summer working on two main projects.

As an intern at Google I was allowed to make design decisions, join team wide discussions and meetings, and had the opportunity to talk to some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Hours were flexible, and every day’s schedule looked slightly different. On my average day I usually came in at 8 am, met with my host, coded for a bit, met with other members of my team, and then broke for lunch. After lunch ping pong would be played for a bit. And then I would head back to work which would be broken up by team meetings and social activities.  At google you are in charge of your own schedule which is both empowering and terrifying. It’s up to you to make sure your work gets done.  Due to this, I grew to be a more self-driven person capable of reaching out to almost any engineer for help and ideas. I learned when to ask questions and when to dig in and figure it out. Internships are a great chance to learn this essential skill set that will benefit you throughout your career.

Internships also offer a lot of opportunities, and it is up to you to take advantage of them. For example, during my internship I had the opportunity to return to New York for a Google Women in Engineering Conference where I met lots of amazing women in technology.

I am excited to return to Google next year as a full time employee!

Texas Tech University Outstanding Member: Gaby Vasquez

Gaby Vasquez is currently serving as the treasurer for the SWE section at Texas Tech University. Gaby is a junior civil engineering major and has been active with SWE since her freshman year. Gaby is currently working as a Residential Tutor, and has been since her sophomore year. When she first joined SWE, Gaby participated in our annual outreach events, Catch the Engineering Bug and our Mother/Daughter Event, and also attended our social gatherings and general meetings. Even though she was a freshman, she always signed up to volunteer or participate in our events, and was willing to help in any way possible. For this reason, Gaby was elected the Community Service Coordinator during her sophomore year. This allowed her to partner our section with the local Girl Scout office and host joint volunteering events with the younger girls. At the national conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Gaby spoke with Turner, a construction management company, and was offered an interview with them and later an internship. Gaby interned with Turner this past summer in San Antonio, Texas, where she learned almost everything there is to know about the construction management process. Gaby received an offer to come back this summer in the Austin office, which she has accepted. This year, Gaby has increased our fundraising efforts, and plans to continue this trend in the upcoming semester. Gaby will also be in charge of our annual Mother/Daughter Event this spring, and we can’t wait to see what activities she has planned for the girls to participate in. She has been accepted to our second international outreach event, which will take place this May in Chile. Gaby will continue to be involved in our section during her last year as an undergraduate. After completing her bachelor degree in May 2018, Gaby plans to obtain either a master in civil engineering or an MBA before entering the workforce. Gaby has been an integral part of the TTU – SWE section, and we appreciate all of the work she has put into our organization.11428040_1177105038982474_8400097001550586446_n

Intern Insight: Kamrie Dillard

kamrie-dillard_swe-headshotThis past summer, I was able to work as a Reliability Engineer for Raytheon Company – an industry leader when it comes to innovation and defense systems. It was my second internship with the company, and third overall. My team was responsible for the reliability and maintenance of a targeting and radar system used on U.S. Navy jets. As a part of the reliability team, my main task was to leverage supplier data to identify and explain trends, work with technicians to repair parts, and manipulate both sources of data to improve turnaround times and the overall reliability of said parts. In addition to this challenging task, I was also responsible for assembling complex mechanical components of the targeting system to prepare for redesign tests.
This experience not only added depth to my engineering background, but it also helped me network and develop on a professional level – things that I am actually passionate about. While Raytheon is a great company for students and young engineers, I believe that Southern University, along with SWE and NSBE really made sure I was prepared to succeed in my role.

Southern University Outstanding Member: Camille Tademy

Camille Tademy, a 22-year-old senior from Shreveport, Louisiana pursing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the Southern University and A&M College located in the great city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ms. Tademy has balanced a rigorous course load with a strong background in mathematics and physics. Camille Tademy is a Resident Assistant in the dorms on campus. There she upholds superior leadership skills, creative experience orchestrating successful programs, innovative mindset and affinity for responsibility. Camille Tademy has participated in numerous extracurricular activities such as working with local homeless shelters and participating in school clubs. She is affiliated with the following organizations on campus such as American Society of Civil Engineering, Society of Women Engineers, and National Society of Black Engineers. One organization that she holds dear to her heart is “Be Safe Think Smart” an organization on campus that provides free HIV/AIDS testing and contraceptives.outstanding