UT Austin Outstanding Spotlight

24271204_917267911756777_1771012702_oHi! My name is Upasana Prabhu and I am currently a sophomore studying electrical and computer engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. As an engineering student, I try my best to live a balanced life. While I enjoy studying mathematics and physics, I spend a considerable amount of time studying international relations, communications, and entrepreneurship. In my free time, I listen to NPR’s How I Built This and Planet Money podcasts and explore new tunes on Spotify!
As a freshman engineering student, I was stunned to find so few females pursuing an electrical engineering degree. I decided to launch my own startup company, Resistorings, to empower and educate girls about electrical engineering. As the founder and CEO, I use resistors, capacitors, and diodes to make dangling, eclectic earrings for girls. My mission is to encourage girls to resist societal engineering stereotypes and overcome the social barriers in pursuing an engineering degree.
I’ve spent most of my sophomore year, building Resistorings’ presence in the Austin community. I’ve built partnerships with The University of Texas’ SWE and WECE branches and I am currently receiving guidance from WEStart Women, an entrepreneurial thinktank for females. This semester, I had the extraordinary opportunity to organize two Resistorings workshops for We Start Women’s Conference in Anderson High School. I spent several weekends buying materials and planning outreach events for curious middle school girls in Austin!
As a female electrical engineer, I have tried my best to educate and empower girls in STEM. I’ve volunteered for and organized numerous outreach events. In November, I was invited as a panelist to educate girls about engineering at SWE’s STEMinist event at The University of Texas. While I spend a considerable amount of time managing several aspects of my company, I also spend much of my time advocating for mental health. I have created my own not for profit organization, OWLs, which writes handwritten Open When Letters for struggling students. Thus far, I have built a website and partnered with CircleUp Mentoring and Harmony Haus, to provide support to struggling young adults.
My first few semesters at The University of Texas have been rewarding! I have been provided with so many opportunities and resources that have assisted in my personal development. As a SWE active member, I have made so many friends and developed numerous connections! In the summer of 2018, I will be working for Lockheed Martin in Orlando, Florida. I am beyond excited to start my internship and finally apply much of my skills and knowledge learned in my engineering courses.


UNT SWE Events

Every two weeks, UNT SWE hosts the Brain STEMs after school program at the Denton North Branch Public Library where local students are invited to come participate in a STEM activity. Activities range across all the STEM fields, from building catapults to making lava lamps and much more.UNTSWE

Rice Outstanding Member Spotlight

IRicentroduction: Irene is the treasurer and active member of SWE Rice Chapter. Over the past summer, she was an intern at OpenStax, an open-source free textbook company located in Houston.

My name is Irene Zhang and I am a junior Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Rice University. Over the past summer, I worked as a Software Test Automation Intern at OpenStax. OpenStax is a company in Houston that produces open-source free textbooks for high school and college students. My daily tasksas a QA intern included testing OpenStax Tutor website, writing manual test cases and converting test cases

to automated ones using Selenium web driver. The junction of hardware and software is what interests me most and working as a software intern allowed me to explore the software side of things like the Agile development framework, which are a great complement to the system and hardware courses I was taking in college. During my internship, I learned how to use the command line and write efficient code. I also
expanded my potential by building a flashcard web app that extracts terms and definitions from OpenStax textbooks for my intern group project.

I particularly enjoyed working on the intern group project because I got to challenge myself and build new things every day. I was the only female on my intern software dev sub-team, and initially I had much less knowledge on app development than my male counterparts. That put quite a lot of pressure on me to keep up with the pace of the whole team. However, I wanted to explore my full potential and contribute as much

as I could, so I spent every evening after work taking online courses to learn front-end languages like HTML, CSS and Angular JS. Eventually, I took charge of the flashcard presentation page and wrote the animation for the app which was a task that my other team members had difficulty with. With all our hard work, our project eventually won the intern project contest at OpenStax.

As a woman engineer, I believe having faith in ourselves is the key to success. Yes, STEM is well known as a male-dominated field and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but we should never be daunted by this situation or the “male power” in our careers. Apart from advocating for women’s rights, we can start by perfecting our own technical skills and actively asserting leadership in the workplace. Seeking constant personal development is a great way to build our confidence and amplify our voices in the workplace.

University of Texas Section Events


This picture is from the happy jars event. Members put inspirational quotes and happy memories inside mason jars to remember them better.


This picture is from the Sell Yourself Workshop where members were able to learn new ways to describe themselves when introducing themselves to corporate supporters and recruiters.

This picture is from the Succulent Social where members picked out a succulent and then painted pots to pot them in.


This picture is from the General Meeting with Dell in which members were able to listen to Dell while munching on delicious food.


This picture is from the Evaluating Your Job Offer event where members were able to talk to ECAC director Michael Powell about their offers and how to accept/decline and negotiate with companies.

University of Arkansas: Outstanding Member Spotlight

Brittany M. Miller: UARK SWE Operations Chair


This past summer I interned for the United States Postal Service as an Operations Industrial Engineer Summer Intern in Chicago, Illinois. During my 10 weeks at the Chicago Processing and Distribution Center, I performed various tasks including creating mail flow diagrams, observing the operations on the workroom floor daily, and visiting other processing and distribution facilities in the Chicago area. Additionally, my main project for the summer was to help raise the performance scores for a scanning process that allows customers to see the location of their mail during its mailing period. Interning at the United States Postal Service not only gave me an understanding of the processes that occur to get mail to its final destination, but it also taught me how to interact with people with a diverse set of backgrounds. I had the chance to work and form relationships with employees from the workroom floor all the way up to the district manager. Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing how important each step of a process is because one change in a process can make a significant impact the customer experience.

LSU Outstanding Member Spotlight

CaptureLayah Khalif is a Junior Honors Student at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana majoring in Biological Engineering with a minor in Leadership Development. This previous summer Layah interned with ETHICON in Cornelia, Georgia, a division of Johnson & Johnson that specializes in the production and distribution of wound closure devices, such as sutures, surgical needles and surgical tape. For seven weeks she worked with their Quality Assurance department preparing samples and performing incoming testing on raw suture fibers. She thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on nature of her position and the freedom and accessibility she had to the manufacturing lines and processes. She says that “there is an empowering feeling being able to handle and manipulate medical devices that will ultimately have an influence around the world. It elicits a sense of integrity, pride and responsibility in your work.”

As a minority female pursuing STEM, Layah values SWE’s mission a great deal. She has been a member of SWE for three years and has served as the 2016-2017 Membership Chair and is the current Social Chair for the LSU’s chapter of SWE in Region C. This year she has organized a variety of programs and events from re-implementing our Mentor/Mentee program to hosting a Minute to Win it Olympics as well as a Challenge Course Adventure at our university’s recreation center.

Outside of SWE, Layah is an Honors Student at LSU and serves as an Honors College Welcome Leader and as an Advocate. In these roles she serves as a peer mentor to incoming and prospective students interested in LSU and the honors college. She says that growing up she had a variety of mentors whose knowledge still resonates with her every day, and she can only hope to do the same for others.




Eaton is hosting a program on Nov 1-2 titled “Young Guns” it will be held in Houston. It is designed for novice EE or electrical designers. The idea is to expose them to all kinds of electrical equipment “in the flesh” and provide some basic electrical theory education. It’s only for one afternoon and next day. Eaton will Provide lunch both days and breakfast/dinner/happy hour in between.

They will be holding the training at their renovated Houston Experience Center on the Beltway near I45. It is an extremely impressive facility and the attendees will receive some great exposure to both LV and MV gear plus protection and control.

They would like to invite a few people from your SWE to join the group (probably end up being about 80 people total with breakout sessions of 15-18 people during the training).

The attendees will be able to see some other aspects of design from their state since all of the areas in Texas will be in attendance. At this time they have hotel nearby and are holding the rooms for much cheaper rate, please RSVP as soon as possible. There is no charge for this training. For more information look at the documents below.

Contact Andrew Gusev AndrewGusev@Eaton.com to RS

Eaton Young Guns Houston Directions

Eaton Young Guns Houston Nov 1-2 2017