The Little Section That Could

Guest post by SWEFL Caroline Ruth Hill

What started out as a section that could barely even call itself a section, now thriving on the campus of Mississippi State University, is a section with 50 national SWE members with additional regular attendees.  As recently as the spring semester 2014, our section had meetings with as little as three girls attending.  After seeing how staggeringly low our numbers were, I took it upon myself to get the funds together to allow a couple of us to go to the Region C Conference in Houston.  After attending conference, and after seeing how much SWE has to offer, we decided to make our section better.  We are women that want to succeed, and letting our section fizzle out just wasn’t going to cut it.

Call for volunteers for Region C Conference graduate panel

Coordinators for the graduate student sessions of the 2015 Region C Conference are calling for volunteers to be on a panel titled “Options for Graduate Students: from Industry and Government, to Academia and Education, to non-traditional pathways.” They are looking for panelists with graduate degrees to share their different career choices and experiences. Individuals interested in being on the panel should contact Maria Bailey ( Please include a short biography.

StoryTelling can Improve Female Spatial-Visual Skills


Guest Post by RCR Moriah Momsen

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Innovatively tailored product design can help girls acquire the necessary spatial-visual skills to succeed in engineering. According to the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES), women only make up 11.7% of the engineering field. In 2009, Sheryl Sorby published provocative research indicating that the engineering gender gap can be explained by a difference in visual spatial skills between males and females. The study found that the most profound gender discrepancies in cognitive skills favoring males appear in 3D spatial skills, specifically mental rotations. These underdeveloped 3D spatial skills in females contribute to poor performance and disengagement in engineering classes. Although initially at a disadvantage, Sorby found that within a short time of training, females dramatically improved their 3D spatial-visualization skills.

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Event Recap: UT SWE’s Sixth Annual Networking Night

networking night1

The Union ballroom at the University of Texas buzzed with the chatter of 150 students networking with 60 corporate representatives after the fall engineering career fair. Hosted by UT SWE, the sixth annual Networking Night provided UT engineering students the opportunity to speak with corporate representatives over a three-course meal, rotating tables between entrée and dessert.

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Meet your RCR: Ingrid


Hello fellow SWEsters, my name is Ingrid Arambula and I am a Chemical Engineering major with a Geology minor. I am one of two Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR) for Region C this year. I first joined SWE at the University of Houston three years ago as the Outreach Chair. I absolutely loved this position because I was able to combine the two things I love most, which are outreach programs and teaching. Last year I became section President through which I learned and practiced being a student leader. This year I transferred to Texas Tech University and am now an RCR for our region. I am absolutely enjoying being an RCR because I am able to oversee all the collegiate sections. As RCR my role is to answer all your questions and bring together sections ideas.

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