Welcome to FY16!

It’s a brand new SWE year filled with new initiatives, new leaders,  and new possibilities. The Region Collegiate Team, in charge of representing collegiate interests at both the region and the society level, is very excited for this upcoming year. Your Region Collegiate Representatives are Ingrid Arambula and Liberty Shmidt, your Region Collegiate Senator is Leslie Zhang, your 2 SWEfls are Bita Behgooy and Haley Barnes, and your RGR is Amy Powless. I’ll post introductions to them throughout the semester. My name is Raj Ranganathan and I am a sophomore Chemical Engineer at UT Austin and I serve as the Region Collegiate Communication Editor and manage this blog. I encourage all of you to contact me, and let me know what your section is doing: I’d love to talk about it on the blog. Do you have any ideas and would you like to post on this blog? You can do that as well. If you’re reading this blog for the first time, there are at least ten others who don’t even know it exists: share with them.

Connect with us through Instagram and Twitter @SWERegionC, or on Facebook by searching “SWE Region C”.  There will be biweekly updates to the blog: from introductions to Region C Leaders to video blogs from RCT. I’ll continue to share best practices, professional development tips, and information on how to get involved at the region Society levels.

Look out for more information about the Region C Leadership Summit which will be hosted in Houston on Sept. 12th. We are looking forward to Society Conference in Nashville, TN (it’s not too late to register) and Region Conference at the University of Arkansas.  On behalf of the Region Collegiate Team and the Region C Board, it is a privilege to welcome you to FY16.

Footnote: If you’re a returning member, please RENEW, or if you aren’t a member yet…JOIN

Call to Contribution

SWE is looking for new ideas and issues that face female engineers in today’s market to start a strategic discussions and to shape the future work of SWE. One example of a past idea is “How can SWE inspire companies to provide opportunities for engineers who want to contribute in their industry and attend to family needs?” The SWE Work Life Integration Playbook E-Book was developed by SWE for members in response to this idea. Please submit your ideas here to impact the future work of SWE.


Upcoming Webinars for SWE Collegiate Leaders

webinarAs we approach the start of the semester, you may want to brush up on some SWE knowledge. The Society is offering three webinars for Collegiate Leaders (at all levels), and highly encourages y’all to attend.

FY16 Knowledge of SWE: Tuesday, July 28th @ 8PM CDT – Do you know the SWE’s missions and goals? Are you aware of all the opportunities that the Society offers to you? Register.

FY16 Collegiate Officer Training: Thursday, July 30th @ 8PM CDT – If you’re a returning collegiate officer or a potential collegiate officer, this is the webinar for you. Not only does it go over the responsibilities of Region, Society, and Section officers, it’s also a refresher on all that SWE has to offer members. Register.

Personal Communication and Managing Effective Meetings: Tuesday, August 18th @ 7PM CDT-  Targeted towards Region, Society, and Section officers, this webinar goes over meeting etiquette and different forms of communication.   Register.

WE15 Collegiate Leadership Institute


Hello Region C Collegiate Members!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer.  60 collegiate members from across the Society have the opportunity to attend the Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) at WE15 in Nashville. This is an exciting, free program that is a great learning opportunity. It also comes with several advantages detailed in the link posted bellow, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* .  Only a maximum of three members from each university can attend and the events span no more than 3 hours each day. The deadline to apply to CLI is August 10th.

Click Here to View More Details about CLI

SWE By the Numbers

Regions: 10

Region C’s one of ten regions named after the first ten letters of the alphabet and divided by geographic region. Region C spans four states: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Strategic priorities: 3

Newly adopted last year, Society SWE aims to improve its membership through the following channels

Goal 1: Professional excellence – SWE will develop women engineers at all stages of their personal and professional lives.

Goal 2: Globalization – SWE will be recognized as a global, inclusive organization, promoting diversity and inclusion and serving women engineers wherever they are.

Goal 3: Advocacy – SWE will advocate for the inclusion and success of women, present and prospective, in engineering and technology.

Members: 30,000

More than half of SWE is comprised of collegiate members across 300 collegiate sections. Professional sections number approximately 100 and make up 45% of overall membership.

Founding Year: 1950

The 1940’s saw a labor shortage in technical fields due to the draft of men for WWII. Women began pursuing engineering jobs but were still less than 1% of the workforce in 1950 when 60 women met in New Jersey to establish the Society of Women Engineers.

Texas A&M SWE’s 39th Annual High School Conference

By – Sophia Zhang, SWE High School Conference Co-chair

SWE High School Conference

The Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M coordinates an annual High School Conference to expose high school students from across Texas to engineering and Texas A&M. The 2015 High School Conference took place January 30- 31. We were delighted to have over 100 participants on campus for the two-day conference including 95 students and 17 teachers and parents

This year’s conference was Lego-themed, inspired by the 2014 LEGO MOVIE. On Friday, participants toured campus, met Miss Reveille, attended engineering courses, competed in design challenges, engaged in Q&A sessions with students, explored the college fair, engaged in a company session, and attended our evening banquet with guest and keynote speaker. Students had the opportunity to spend the night in dorms hosted by our Aggie engineering students.

On Saturday, attendees participated in lab tours, yells with our junior yell leaders, a company luncheon, and the final design challenge.

Through the activities and tours, each conference attendee learned about the culture and traditions of Aggieland, the opportunities to pursue engineering at Texas A&M, and the importance of their career choice.

We look forward to continuing this tradition within the Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M and hope you enjoy watching the video summarizing the conference:



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