Advance Learning Center

The Society of Women Engineers supports women in professional and personal development. One pillar of this goal is providing free webinars ranging on topics from resolving conflict to life transitions.

All Together Magazine

How does the gender pay gap affect you? Do you know what #distractinglysexy/ #distractinglybrilliant are about? What is the real power of personal connections? For articles on all of these topics and much more, visit SWE’s All Together Magazine.  Is your section interested in writing and article for All Together Magazine? Here’s the link.

SWE Scholarships

The collegiate scholarship application opens on Dec 1st and closes on Feb. 16th. SWE gives out over $700,000 of scholarships every year.

Awards and Competitions

At the Society level there are also multiple awards for collegiate sections can apply to. The Outstanding Collegiate Section Award is typically due on May 31st and other awards are due on July 1st.

Region C Links and Resources Page

Templates, reports, and records for all things Region C.


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